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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 9 months ago

Get fluent in Hindi and English!

Sonma Typing Expert is an excellent app for English and Hindi speakers interested in improving their fluency and typing speed across these languages. While using a different set of alphabets, it can be hard for bilingual typists to write accurately and quickly in both languages. Whether you’re fluent in writing and speaking these languages or not, Sonma Typing Expert helps you improve within a short period of time. Unlike TypingMasterTyping Test and similar programs, this one focuses on both English and Hindi languages.

A reliable, simple, and easy-to-use program!

Sonma Typing Expert is one of the most reliable and simple applications in this category. With a simple interface, this typing test software allows you to practice keyboard typing skills without any trouble. The app comes with several exercises to help you improve accuracy and speed. Since these exercises are available in English and Hindi, you can improve in both languages with ease.

How does Sonma Typing Expert work?

While similar apps like English to Hindi Character Converter only focus on translations, Sonma Typing Expert new version addresses the differences between the Hindi digital keyboard and the basic English QWERTY keyboard. As such, this platform aims to allow users to practice skills efficiently. In order to improve your fluency, the program focuses on multiple exercises.

Each exercise in this Hindi typing software lets you progress in stages, with each stage focusing on a different level of difficulty. While using this program, you can shuffle between exercise types and languages with a few mouse clicks.

Additionally, the program records statistics on speed and accuracy, allowing you to evaluate improvement and performance. With Sonma Typing Expert in Hindi and English, you can print statistics with the username to apply for various jobs. While using the program, you can manually set the duration of tests to set specific goals for improvement.

Does Sonma Typing Expert improve accuracy and speed?

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, Sonma Typing Expert has been designed to help you learn fast and accurate typing skills. It’s a great tool for students and freshers looking for jobs. In order to improve your skills, you only need to follow the specific steps in exercises. With Sonma typing app free download, you can choose a keyboard of your choice.

As mentioned earlier, the program features multiple exercises, with each providing you with different levels of difficulty. Each exercise focuses on sentences, groups of words, characters, and more.

While using this application, you’re prompted to type the same words and groups of letters over and over. This helps you get accustomed to the location of keys and reduces the number of typos or errors during typing.

Multiple exercises in different languages

With Sonma Typing Expert, you can practice typing in both languages with the Latin alphabet. Moreover, you can use the Hindi digital keyboard to improve your skills. It’s easy to switch between these languages with a single mouse click.

All the tests in the program are comprehensive and comprise of words, sentences, and letter groups. Depending on the difficulty level, you need to focus on each test for a specific period of time.

Sonma considers the number of typos you make to measure accuracy and speed. In case you’ve made an error, the application lets you erase it. However, you can’t go back to changing or erasing multiple errors in a sentence.

Does Sonma Typing Expert give scores?

Sonma typing latest version allows you to record and print the scores. Therefore, you can view these scores anytime and constantly reevaluate your progress. In order to access tests, you need to provide your name and other details. It’s easy to set the test’s duration between 1 and 30 minutes. Moreover, you can pause the test anytime.

The latest version download comes with a user-friendly interface, which allows beginners to improve typing speed and accuracy without any issues. For Windows, Sonma typing tutor download free can be easily installed.

The program’s full free version is available to download and install for Windows. It’s a great learning app, which lets you improve English and Hindi typing. Overall, it has received positive reviews from people who’ve engaged with the content for a few weeks or more.

Great for improving speed and accuracy!

While there are other good typing apps, such as Rapid Typing Tutor and KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor, none of them addresses the difficulty to adapt to different keyboard types. Fortunately, Sonma typing free download addresses this issue and allows you to improve in both English and Hindi. Without a doubt, Sonma Typing Expert for computer is an excellent choice for users around the world.

Sonma Typing-Expert is a typing tool to learn Hindi and English typing easily and smoothly in minimum time.

Sonma Typing-Expert is very good software to learn typing. Main features of Sonma Typing-Expert is :

1. Hindi and English typing using Devlys010 or Krutidev010 and Century font.

2. Pause/Resume option for emergency during typing.

3. Typing using Printed paper based on Typing lession.

4. Typing mode can be change using Password.

5. Typing duration between 1 to 30 minutes.

6. Error detection and highlighted in saved results.

7. Save and Print your current/previous results.

8. Very good understanding documentation for users.

9. Direct link to update software.

10. This is the FULL VERSION & Fully FREE........ for you and your friends.

It is fully free so please download and share with your friends. Our mission is easy typing learning.

Sonma Typing-Expert differs from other typing software because it's Hindi typing and pause/Resume option is the base of our software. Very interactive design will be new for users. Mainly it is developed specially for students who want to learn typing for examination purpose and developer is also and student with good typing-exam experience


  • Detailed statistics
  • Effective learning
  • Multiple exercises
  • Personalized goals


  • Minor glitches
  • Only for Hindi and English

Program available in other languages

Sonma Typing-Expert for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.01.0000
  • 4.1

  • Security Status

User reviews about Sonma Typing-Expert

  • Ketan Banka

    by Ketan Banka

    Its a worst software as there 8s no option for Backspace. Also the accuracy level is worst than Soni Typing Tutor. Soni Typing is best for Hindi Typin More



    there is an error or a spell mistake

  • Pushpa Kushwaha

    by Pushpa Kushwaha

    your initiative deserve much more appreciation. big applauses to you & the motto behind it to make such a big creation is worth of salute. very well s More

  • Vishnu Dev Thakur

    by Vishnu Dev Thakur

    nice app. i haven't used it fully but it has more lessons to practice and improve my typing skills and speed.

  • Pragati Kol

    by Pragati Kol

    this is very good and I am very happy to being a part of this and also continuous with this many more and I would like to join your reviews and also I More

  • ankit dwivedi

    by ankit dwivedi

    mera laptop mai work hi nhi kiya h pr pdf se pata chalta hai bhut aacha app hai very good nice excellnt


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